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About Us

About Us

Here at Surebuds, we realize there is a market for safe and potent cannabis for all medicinal and recreational lifestyles. We aim to conscientiously curate top-shelf marijuana products sourced from responsible producers and farmers that consistently produce premium quality products, and are pesticide, mold, and toxin-free. We are extremely dedicated to healthy living and we believe that cannabis is a strong alternative medicine that should be available globally with zero stigma attached. Our intent is to only provide responsible medicine to our patients as a commitment to their well-being.


We offer mail order marijuana in Canada that is both fast and discreet. Our objective is excellence in customer service and education for our customers, while helping redefine the social acceptance of our industry and promoting the favorable rewards of medical cannabis, as we propel forward along these exciting times. Cannabis is becoming accepted at swifter pace in our society and we want to be in the forefront of the revolution with you!