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Surebuds Benefits

Surebuds Benefits

Our members deserve it.

Surebuds is proud to be in the forefront of the online dispensary revolution. We wanted to reward our loyal members for trusting us to dispatch quality marijuana products to their door, so we created the most valuable rewards program offered by any online dispensary in Canada.
As a token of our gratitude we are giving members 1 Surebuds Point for every $1 spent on our products, and with every dispatch sent out you'll be one step closer to earning BONUS Surebuds Points. Members also get access to special promotions like Double the Surebuds Points and our Refer a Friend Surebuds Discount.
We understand that the final say in quality is ultimately decided by members like you; Your option matters and not just to us. To show our appreciation for taking the time to  leave reviews on our site Surebuds Benefits will even slip in some extra Surebuds Points!

How do I earn Surebuds Benefits?

Easy, just sign up and start shopping!

  • You earn 1 Surebuds Point  for every $1 you spend on our products.
  • You earn a BONUS 200 Surebuds Points for every five orders you make.
  • Refer a friend and you AND your friend receive a $50 Surebuds Discount!
  • Check your emails for promotions like Double the Surebuds Points on products giving you even more Surebuds Points!
*Emails from Surebuds may be in your JUNK FOLDER!*

And after your order arrives...

Leaving reviews can take a little bit of time out of your day. Surebuds Benefits is all about it's members and providing your opinion is worth a little bit extra. 50 Surebuds Points will appear in your account after your review is approved.
*Surebuds Points will be applied to one review per product (not limited by variations) and are awarded at the discretion of Surebuds Canada.
*Comments may be removed if there is doubt as to the integrity of the post.

How valuable are Surebuds Benefits?

  • $20 spent = 20 Surebuds Points = $1
  • Dispatch 5 times = BONUS 200 Surebuds Points = BONUS $10
  • Refer a friend = $50 Surebuds Discount for you, and $50 Surebuds Discount for your friend!
  • 50 Surebuds Points per review made on our site, per product.
  • There is no limit to how many Surebuds Benefits you can collect by referring a friend.
  • Surebuds Points do not expire.

How do I use my Surebuds Benefits?

On Your Account page you can:
  • Track your Surebuds Points
  • Find Your Referral URL and send it to your friends
  • Find the Surebuds Discount codes you received for referring friends
To redeem Surebuds Points:
Your Surebuds Points can be redeemed in your cart by choosing the amount of points you want to use (up to $100) and click 'update cart' to view your savings!
To redeem Surebuds Discounts:
Your Surebuds Discount code can be entered in the Coupon code box in your cart. After clicking 'Update Cart' your discount will be automatically applied.
If your friend sent you a referral email just follow the link to start shopping and your $50 Surebuds Benefits discount will be automatically applied to your order of $100 or more. If your friend sent you a URL just paste it into your browser and proceed to checkout to have the $50 Surebuds Benefits discount automatically applied to your purchase of $100 or more.
*Please ask your friends to check their Junk Folder if they are having troubles receiving your share via email invite.*
*Your friend may encounter errors receiving their discount when using a VPN*
*Surebuds Points cannot be combined with any other offer.*
*Surebuds Discounts and coupons cannot be combined with any other offer.*